Diagnostic station for final testing of valves for freight wagons, passenger coaches as well as other rail vehicles in which triple valves are employed. 


Portable diagnostic station which allows the testing of valves without having to remove them from the vehicle. Stadiag is designed for testing of individual wagons and coaches or an entire train, locomotive rail maintenance vehicles or rail-buses.     Oerlikon, Knorr-Bremse, DAKO CZ., Sab-Wabco / Faiveley / Wabtec.


The analog diagnostic station for final testing of engineer’s main valves. The testing program which these valves undergo on this test stand are in accordance with UIC and TSI standards. The test operator subjects the valve to a series of tests simulating real operating conditions and carries out required final adjustments. After completion of successful tests the valve is handed over to the Quality Controller for final verification.  

Diagnostic Station for LST1 Triple Valves

This station is employed in the testing of Oerlikon Type LSt1 triple valves. This installation is connected with the test stand for Engineer’s main valve and simulates the braking systems of a coupled locomotive and wagon.  LSTi triple  valves are subjected to a program of tests in accordance with UIC and TSI standards.  The testing of these valves, as is the case of testing of Engineer’s main valves is conducted under the tight control of the operator during its entire program. And after successful completion its results are  handed over to the Quality Controller  

TORRENT 500 Pressure Washer

This professional pressure washer is made from high quality stainless steel, and is ideally suited to the removal of heavy accumulations of dirt from materials such as steel, cast iron and other alloys.  Washing is carried out in a closed environment glove box at a temperature of 60 C with the addition of detergent. Effects of professional cleaning can be viewed in “visual effect following reconditioning”.

OUS-1 Grinding Polishing lathe

The basic function of the OUS-1 is the grinding and polishing of rubber surfaces of valves to achieve a given height, tolerancing of seals and polishing of valve shafts.

SAUTER Electronic Dynamometer

Many different types of springs are used in pneumatic valves and these are checked during reconditioning. Each spring is inspected visually to make sure that it is of the correct length and has the correct wire diameter and also that its protective coating is in good condition. Finally springs are checked using a SAUTER FH electronic spring dynamometer.  Springs which fail these checks are replaced with new ones.