Of fundamental importance in Oerlikon triplel valves is the diameter of nozzles which results from the need to control flow rates of compressed air.  The nozzle diameters are dependent on the type of triple valve and its application in relation to the size of brake cylinders. For every size of cylinder a specific triple valve is specified

We offer the possibility to reconfigure Oerlikon valves according to the following:

Est3f 12″ <=>  Est3f 14″ <=>  Est3f 16″     

We also offer modification of Oerlikon Est3f/HBG300 valves. The modification depends on the fitting of a restrictor in the high pressure part of the valve which allows the retention of high pressure in the brake cylinder during sudden or full braking in a system fitted with a larger capacity secondary brake cylinder. We can also offer removal of this restrictor.         

Est3f <=> Est3f/HBG300